I’ve been breaking glass since 2007, but my love of stained glass started as a child when I lived overseas, and my parents would take us to visit old churches.  I always loved the way the stained glass windows would cast colorful shadows on the floors and furniture. I’ve always loved art in every form and never passed up a chance to go to a museum or take a class in one art form or another so when my mother suggested I try stained glass I thought why not.  That was 12 years ago and I’ve not looked back. I love making unique, whimsical wind chimes and beautiful multidimensional stained and fused glass art. I love the freedom 3D wind chimes allow me, whether it’s a sail boat rocking gently on square chimes or glass rain drops hanging from fun kitchen utensils. I often take my inspiration from nature in both my Stained and Fused glass creations. Recently, I realized a long desired dream of opening my own stained glass store where I can sell supplies to other stained glass artist, teach informative classes, (beginners – advanced), and of course, sell my art. Glass is my passion that allows me to journey into a world of color and beauty while sharing my experience and vision with others

I often go to Vendor Shows so watch for places and dates, I love talking to people who are new to stained glass as well as those who are just as passionate as I am.

Stained Glass Supplies

We have stocked a large supply of glass, pattern books, and tools to include many different manufacturers of art glass used in Tiffany reproduction pieces.

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Hold Classes

All of our classes are taught in our spacious studio classroom with abundant lighting and the most inspiring view of the forest preserve. Classes are

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